Colorado Springs Community Cultural Collective

Our mission is to create a true city center affording access to all citizens for the purposes of relevant, inspired, and thoughtful works of the human spirit. A collective of education, arts, culture and business community “for the use of the people and the glory of the city”.

Commitment to Community

The CSCCC is a 501(c)(3) organization that was formed solely to preserve, reimagine, and revitalize the Colorado Springs City Auditorium. The multi-use auditorium will facilitate education, access, creation, and presentation of all that builds the human spirit – arts, culture performance, and dialogue. The cherished and valued building itself will be restored to its original intent of bringing all citizens together for a variety of purposes.

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The Community Cultural Collective will provide access, activities, and events to the citizens of Colorado Springs and beyond. A true cultural hub where young and old alike from diverse cultural sectors share, learn, and experience. This landmark building will be a global model of access and outreach for our 21st century world.

A Message from Mayor John Suthers 

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"There is a strong vision of collaboration that emanates from the envisioned auditorium's new spaces. Every day it will be filled with voices and misic and creativity. What historian wouldn't want that kind of energy with which to plan?"

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Tim Boddington
Historic Preservation Alliance

"A reborn City Auditorium will serve as a cultural center, a gathering place where our community can find the human connection, self-expression, and skilled purpose we all need to thrive."

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Dr. Leon Kelly
El Paso County Corner & Chief Medical Examiner