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Jazz 93.5 Swinging Summer Sensation

August 6, 2022 @ 5:30 pm 9:30 pm

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 Tickets available for $10 per person.

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About the Event

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August 6th, 2022 – 5:30pm to 9pm

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Come join Jazz 93.5 and the Colorado Springs Community Cultural Collective for a swingin’ evening of live music and swing dance. Including music by 5 of the best local jazz bands. Swing dance instruction and plenty of opportunity to practice and show your moves. All hosted in the soon to be remodeled historic City Auditorium. Begin the evening by donning your favorite vintage clothing for participation in the costume prizes. Then you can brush up your dance moves with great Swing Dance Instructors. Continuing the evening by listening to and dancing with the great bands: Wayne Wilkinson, Boyd Sweeney & The Moldy Figs, Brad Eastin Quintet, Sean Applebee, and The Springs Contemporary Jazz Big Band. A band competition will allow you to vote for your favorite band and raise donations for Jazz 93.5. Mocktails and food trucks will be available to satisfy your appetites and keep you energized. A silent auction will be set up with all sorts of exciting and fulfilling items. Organized tours of the Historic City Auditorium and information on the future of the building will be there to quell your curiosity and ignite your excitement for the new City Auditorium transformation. No matter if you are a swing dance novice or professional. It doesn’t even matter if you dance but just love listening to great live music. Maybe you just want to share fun times with wonderful people. There will be something for you at this celebratory party commemorating 5 years of jazz music on the radio.

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For questions, and concerns about events please contact Lauren Martinez at: [email protected]


Colorado Springs City Auditorium

221 E Kiowa St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903 United States
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The Colorado Springs Community Cultural Collective believes that we are a diverse community, with a cultural landscape that tells a very rich story with deep roots in the arts. This story, both past and present reflect our times, question our biases and bring us together by creating common ground. We wholeheartedly embrace equal opportunity and full inclusion in the arts for all people, including people of color, of all genders and any gender identity, of every sexual orientation, for people with different abilities, those of every ethnicity, and every opinion.