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our historic community center is now open prior to its exciting transformation set for 2024!

We are inviting our regional and community corporate, business and foundation partners to come along for this once in a lifetime, historic opportunity to celebrate one of the last iconic historic buildings in the State of Colorado! This cherished and valued building will be restored to its original intent of bringing all citizens together for a variety of purposes like music, holiday celebrations, and community events.

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Upcoming Events

Discover Great Artists & Memories at the City Auditorium


55 years ago on a crowded night at the City Auditorium the Hughes Family shared a meet and greet with the legendary Johny Cash. A tribute to that magical story is relived at the City Aud Sounds Music Festival. Visit our 2022 summer memory HERE.


City Aud Sounds - Trent Hughes, (Big River - Johnny Cash Cover)


Theres nothing like roots when it comes to reggae music. Move & groove with Harry Mo & The CRU with "Thank You Jamaica" a tribute to the perfect combination of culture and sounds. Visit the vibe from this 2022 summer memory HERE.


City Aud Sounds - Harry Mo & the CRU, Big River (Thank You Jamacia)