Together as one brilliant community, we can transform one of the first ‘all purpose’ utilitarian facilities in Colorado into the first-of-its-kind future creative catalyst of Colorado Springs. All the while, respecting the rich history of this beloved landmark.

Our Team

Linda Weise, CEO

Jennifer C. Cooper 
Director of Operations and Programs

Ed Nichols 
Senior Philanthropy Officer

Lauren Martinez
Donor Relations Coordinator

Kelsy Wells

Madison Ward
Workforce Navigator

Christina Wells
Creative Director

Laura Forbes
Early Childhood Enrichment Program Liaison

Board of Directors


Wynne Palermo, Chair

Paul Deckard, Treasurer

Members at Large

Deborah Hendrix

Dan Nordberg

Linda Purl

Ben Sparks

Doug Stimple

Executive Advisory Council

Buck Blessing

Marvin Boyd

Jack Damioli

Jemond Gaulden

Chris Jenkins

Dr. Leon Kelly

uyen le

Jon Medved

John Street

Andrea Kalivas Fulton

Rachelle Flemming

Julie Krow

Doug Price

Finance Committee

Marvin Boyd

Bill Sanden

Jeffery L. Jensen

Sanders Norwood Construction

Christopher Jenkins - CEO

Jeffery Finn - Senior VP

Ryan Balakas - Gen. Manager

Sean Kennedy - Dir. ofOperation

Bill Bialek - Gen. Superintendent

Reno Romagnoli - Sr. Precon. MGR

Dan Fagerhaug - Project Manager

Allan Williams - Construction Manager

Project Teams

SB Clark Companies

Public Finance Consultant:

New Market Tax Credit

Mutch Government

Relations: William Mutch

Legal Counsel: David


Accountant: Erickson,

Brown, & Kolster

Semple Brown Design

Chris Wineman - Principal

Nathan Gulash - Project


Venue Design Consultants

K2: Acoustics & Audio Video consulting

KL&A: Structral Engineering

M-E: Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbling Engineering

Group 14: Sustainability Consultant

Kimley-Horn: Civil Engineering & Landscape Architecture