Newsletter – The City Aud Project – Issue 2

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Issue 2 – May 18, 2022


A Word from Tim Boddington,
Board President, Historic Preservation Alliance of Colorado Springs

Illuminate City Aud Event Recap

COMING SOON: Illuminate City Aud Events

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A Word from Tim Boddington,
Board President,
Historic Preservation Alliance of Colorado Springs

Tim Boddington

Board President, Historic Preservation Alliance 

The Historic Preservation Alliance of Colorado Springs loves adaptive reuse of historic buildings. The economics of restoration and repurposing one of a kind older buildings is well documented. It is never lost on a community that efforts to restore and reuse cherished landmarks like the City Auditorium make both citizens and government delighted with the results. Our organization, the HPA, has awarded adaptive reuse projects like this over the years: the Round House brewery at Cimarron and 19th street, the former home of Van Briggle now at Colorado College, the Trolly Building on South Tejon, the Santa Fe Railroad Depot just to name a few. They are unique and tell important stories about our community’s history.

For example the City Auditorium hosted the Barnum and Baily Circus. I recall seeing the elephants march up the outdoor ramp at the rear of the building and then later watching them parade around the inside during the show. I attended great local theater, the Star Bar Players performing in the Lon Chaney theater. The old Chief Theater organ played to lunch crowds who watched a silent movie, accompanied by famed local musician Tom O’Boyle, also known for his honkytonk at the Broadmoor’s Golden Bee. The connections we share with the auditorium are incredibly wonderful. But they are memories only for those of us old enough to have been around in its heyday. The CSCCC will be making new memories for our community and for generations to come. The vision is sound and the future will be one filled with art, music, dance, theater, and unique performances not yet imagined. The HPA supports this innovative and imaginative repurposing of the auditorium. It deserves our
– Tim Boddington, Board President, Historic Preservation Alliance

Illuminate City Aud: April and May Event Recap

Adam Stigall, Insanity Music Video:
Eager to afford creatives from across the state of Colorado, the CCC partnered with Denver based Musician and Songwriter, Adam Stigall. Adam filmed the music video for his latest release, Insanity, in the Lon Chaney Theater. Watch the video HERE.

Pikes Peak Workforce Center Young Adult Job Fair: 

“We thoroughly enjoying hosting our annual Pikes Peak Workforce Center Young Adult Job Fair in April 2022 at the Colorado Springs Community Cultural Collective! We had more than 50 employers there, with recruiters and managers, ready to hire. And nearly 100 young adults attended, who were looking for their summer jobs or to start their career paths. The venue is easy to access, especially for loading and unloading equipment, and we appreciated the flexible layout for booths. We had a wonderful rapport with Lauren Martinez, who was onsite for our entire event–this has become one of our favorite places to host a mid-size job fair/event. Can’t wait to come back!”

– Becca Tonn, Pikes Peak Workforce Center

Click HERE to learn more about the Pikes Peak Workforce Center.

Simple Gift Series, Music and Literacy Enrichment Program:

Joint Initiatives hosted their childcare advocacy appreciation event at the City Aud on April 30.  50 early childhood educators and center leaders embarked on a training program that was inspiring, engaging and empowering.  Powerful feedback from the participants was shared with the creative team at Simple Gift Series:

“I ordered the scarves and the shaker eggs and the bells right away. The kids love them! I needed renewal. I needed that class. I needed to be reminded to focus on the simple things and to be me. To find me again… and that I can do this. It is helping me find my creativity again. I’m not there but I’m getting there. God knew I needed that class. For me.”  

“I have used the books and songs in class as we follow along with the program. The kids make all the connections.  The website is great and full of resources.  So glad to have this creative resource for my class and for my soul.”

The Simple Gift Series, the PBS music and literacy enrichment program is a television show created by Linda Weise along with a profound team of creatives.  It is part of the early childhood learning experience at the Colorado Springs Conservatory; we are proud to be able to bring this training program to educators across the state and nation. Contact Linda for more information on enrichment training at:  [email protected] 

Click HERE to learn more about Simple Gift Series.

Care and Share Community Cookbook and Lynne Telford’s Retirement:

The CCC, in partnership with Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado, celebrated the retirement of Lynne Telford at City Aud on May 14. Lynne served as Care and Share’s CEO for the last 11 years and made a lasting impact across the southern region of Colorado. This event featured a Community Cookbook, highlighting recipes from some of Lynne’s dear friends throughout the Colorado Springs community.

HERE to learn more about Care and Share.

Coming Soon: Illuminate City Aud Events

Pikes Peak Workforce Center: Small Business Week
June 6, 7 and 8:

Join us at City Aud for an annual event co-hosted by the Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center and the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado. Small Business Week is the largest Small Business celebration in the State of Colorado. This event features impactful workshops designed to educate, celebrate and highlight local small businesses. Tickets for this event are available HERE.

City Aud Sounds Music Festival Kickoff
June 25:

City Aud Sounds is a monthly festival series that will showcase all genres in a format that allows local artists to thrive in a large setting. We will have genre-specifc months, ranging from Classical to Hip Hip to Indie Rock, paired with the visual artist community, the comedy, theatre and dance communities, vendors, food trucks and more. Join us at City Aud for our City Aud Sounds Festival Kickoff. Event schedule, artist lineup, and ticket information coming soon.


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