Newsletter – The City Aud Project – Issue 4

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June 15, 2022

UPCOMING EVENTS – Illuminate City Aud

Who’s Who & What’s Been Happening at City Aud

CALL TO ACTION – Join the Fun!

Reimagining City Aud
with Wynne Palermo
Board Chair, Community Cultural Collective

The Gazette – Comments from Vince Bzdek

The Vision
Mayor John Suthers

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From our friends at Semple Brown and Saunders Norwood

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UPCOMING EVENTS – Illuminate City Aud

City Aud Sounds
June 25

Join us for the launch of our monthly music festival series on June 25 at City Aud. The festival series highlights local artists, musicians and vendors. Our goal is to create an accessible experience for all ages and demographics. Tickets are available for a minimum suggested donation of $10 or more, and can be reserved HERE.

The Grand Old Lady – Documentary Film Premiere
June 29

The Community Cultural Collective presents The Grand Old Lady Documentary Film Premiere, taking place at City Aud on June 29. Directed by award winning filmmaker Julie Speer Jackson, the film takes a look into the history of the 100-year-old City Auditorium and explores the Community Cultural Collective’s vision of the future of the building.

The film is underwritten with support from the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) Film and Media Department with additional support from John Street and Vortici. 

Tickets for the Director’s Cut screening available for a minimum suggested donation of $30 or more and include lunch and entrance to the evening red-carpet premiere. Tickets can be reserved HERE.

Tickets for the evening red-carpet premiere available for a minimum suggested donation of $10 or more and can be reserved HERE

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CALL TO ACTION – Volunteer, host a party, and more!

Learn More Here

Who’s Who & What’s Been Happening at City Aud

Small Business Week
June 6, 7 and 8

The Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado and the Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center hosted their annual Small Business Week at City Aud. Each day featured panelists who lead workshops on topics including marketing, leadership, and the state of small business.

Reimagining City Aud
Wynne Palermo
Board Chair, Community Cultural Collective

“Over the 40+ years I have lived in Colorado Springs I had only been in the City Auditorium building a few times. It is an old, outdated building that didn’t enhance the event I was attending. It needs a new life in order to fit the events of our time.

Today we are finally giving this historic jewel a purpose! She will be turning 100 next year and we have an incredible design plan; spaces waiting to be turned into something wonderful for our community, for our children and the future. The Colorado Springs Conservatory will have a repurposed and reimagined place to educate, grow and develop students in all the performing arts.

Cultural Arts help to explain the world in which we live through an exploration of creativity. The Arts are tools that develop the mind and body. They reflect and represent our customs and values as a society and allow us to express our feelings. Cultural Arts is also science, mathematics, physical education, language, business, technology and economics. Cultural Arts access for children is essential, so they will recognize beauty and be sensitive. So they will practice empathy and compassion. So they will be closer to an infinite beyond this world. It is so they will have more love, more gentleness, and more good. In short, more life!

I am very excited to be part of this effort to repurpose and reimagine this beautiful historic building. I am proud to contribute to the importance of our downtown city center with meaningful action. To be able to give children the ability to understand creativity and flourish in their lives. A place of inclusive cultural learning and performing.

The City Aud Project is a wonderful investment opportunity for the next 100 years. This is a community effort for our city, region, and state. Be part of it!”

-Wynne Palermo, Board Chair, Community Cultural Collective

The Gazette – Comments from Vince Bzdek

Vince Bzdek, Editor-in-Chief
Rudy Vasquez, Marketing and Community Involvment Manager
The Gazette, Colorado Springs

“Colorado Springs is in the early stages of revitalizing its core city, and we see the Auditorium project as a lynchpin of that rebirth. The Gazette is eager to chronicle every step forward in this renaissance of our city, so we are eager to shine a spotlight on the auditorium project’s varied impacts on our changing downtown.

Restoring architectural gems like the 100-year-old auditorium is also essential to historic preservation efforts in Colorado Springs, an effort akin to preserving our city’s identity and soul as we grow by leaps and bounds.

We share the vision of the auditorium as a future cultural hub for the city and believe it is essential as an arts- and community-building catalyst. With the addition of new landmarks like the Olympic Museum, the downtown soccer stadium, and the Ent Center for the Arts, Colorado Springs is coming into its own as a world-class city, and expanding its cultural offerings and opportunities is every bit as important to its evolution as new buildings and new neighborhoods.”

-Vince Bzdek, The Gazette