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Our goal is to preserve the historic nature of the Auditorium while providing Colorado with new spaces and opportunities for diverse, creative arts experiences. Some of the committed people that are working hard to ensure vibrant & relevant programming, you can too!


Ascent Restaurant Group: Jay Gust
Chef Brother Luck: Brother Luck
The Broadmoor: Justin Miller
Goat Patch Brewing Company: Justin Grant
Axe & Oak: Casey Ross
Pikes Peak Community College


Incorporating advanced training & resources to help Culinary Arts students build a successful career.

The Hospitality Capstone Program was born from colliding trends: 1) COVID-19 pandemic devastation of the restaurant industry; 2) culinary program graduates and military cuisine veterans with only entry level skills; and 3) lack of advanced hospitality training options. Five powerhouse employers are determined to create a culinary hospitality career ladder: Brother Luck, Jay Gust (Ascent), Justin Miller (Broadmoor), Justin Grant (Goat Patch), and Casey Ross (Axe & Oak). CSCCC’s program incorporates advanced food preparation skills and fine dining menu building with training in business and resource management, finance, ordering – the resources to build a successful career.


An exciting partnership is underway with the Alliance for Media Arts & Culture.

This national organization holds the only U.S. Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) in Media Arts. The Alliance and CSCCC are working with the Pikes Peak Workforce Center to establish Colorado’s first Media Arts RAP programs, with offices and training at CSCCC. We have secured commitments from six employers to offer at least eight apprenticeships when the RAP programs open in late 2022.  Pre-apprenticeship programs for young adults are also in the offing (2023) and Theater Arts RAP (2024).

Conservatory - 4-1600

The Alliance for Media Arts & Culture: Wendy Levy, Executive Director
Colorado Springs Conservatory: Jeff Grady, Lead Mentor
The Commodores, Production Point: Thomas Dawson, Music Director


Pikes Peak Work Force Center: Traci Marques, Executive Director/C.E.O


City Auditorium will facilitate education, access, creation, and presentation of all that builds the human spirit, arts, culture, performance and dialogue. This cherished and valued building will be restored to its original intent of bringing all citizens together for a variety of purposes primarily to celebrate the glory of the city as the plaque above the historic state declare: Usui Civium Decori Urbis for the use of the people and the glory of the city.



Simple Gifts Series (SGS) is a platform that provides creative ways to nurture cognitive, motor and language skills through music. Simple Gift Series(SGS) Scholar training enables any ECE teacher to step beyond structured literacy activities and use the joy of curiosity and play to target young children’s developmental benchmarks. The six-hour training replicates the domains each teacher will use in his/her classroom. Within the domains, implementation strategies are differentiated per developmental guidelines.


Joint Initiatives: Kelly Hurtado, Foundations Program Director


City Auditorium evolves to leverage talents and skills

'It's a game changer for humans': Nonprofit behind Colorado Springs City Auditorium revitalization gets $1 million grant

Unique program for creative workforce development secures $1.1 million grant

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The revitalized City Auditorium will accommodate a variety of occupants including nonprofit tenant offices, leased nonprofit performance space, commercial rental bookings, food and beverage establishments, workforce development centers, and an incubator space for theater and concert productions. Additional residents in all cultural pillars are slated to include western heritage, wellness, faith community, military, and business development.   Our goal is to preserve the historic nature of the Auditorium while providing Colorado with new spaces and opportunities for diverse, creative arts experiences.