More than just a Building

At its peak, Colorado Springs City Auditorium was a building full of life both day and night. As our great city grew, we saw as other venues were erected to support the cultural arts. Our once beautiful building has transitioned slowly to a place of disrepair.

Our aim is to give this cherished landmark a heart transplant that will keep this important icon delivering memories and inspiration for another century into the future. Help us create a place where we can provide a diverse programming that improves and uplifts our local community.


Multiple Complimentary Uses

Our goal is to preserve the historic nature of the Auditorium while providing Colorado with new spaces and opportunities for diverse, creative arts experiences.

City Auditorium will facilitate education, access, creation, and presentation of all that builds the human spirit, arts, culture, performance and dialogue. This cherished and valued building will be restored to its original intent of bringing all citizens together for a variety of purposes primarily to celebrate the glory of the city as the plaque above the historic state declare: Usui Civium Decori Urbis for the use of the people and the glory of the city.

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Ensure the use and survival of a loved landmark

Instill value and develop a place for the city to be proud of

Provide a place for young creatives to learn and perform

Create a catalyst for business and creativity to work hand-in-hand

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How to get Involved!

Volunteers will be at the heart of our success! As a nonprofit, we rely heavily on the assistance of volunteers to accomplish our mission. Volunteers will be needed at events, educational programs, and other performances to ensure a great experience for all.