Opus Creative Industires

The Mission of the Community Cultural Collective (CSCCC) and Opus Creative Industry programs is to create a true city center for education, arts, culture and business. Affording access to all citizens for the purpose of relevant, inspired and thoughtful works of the human spirit.

The Community Cultural Collective is commited to providing access to works of human passion and purpose that will ultimately lead to prosperity for individual, family, neighborhoods, community, industries, the region and beyond. By investing in the most meaningful programming the CSCCC and our industry Partners set the stage for a flourishing future in the creative sector.

Workforce Programs

Opus Creative Industries, the workforce programs for the Colorado Springs Community Cultural Collective, is where potential meets opportunity. Our diverse programs cater to various creative industries, including culinary arts, media, theater technical design, and early childhood education enriched with music and dance. Click below to learn more!


Join us to learn skills through workshops and coaching to combine music, movement, and early reading skills. This program emphasizes taking risks, fun, building teams and being creative while teaching.


During this 480-hour program, students get paid to learn about a variety of media arts programs — digital video, multimedia production, lighting, costume design, human resource management, marketing, finance, music, graphic arts. Industry professionals do the training and students work on community-led projects for real-world experience while getting paid for their work and creating a portfolio.


Our first-of-its-kind Advanced Hospitality and Culinary Apprenticeship program offers participants the chance to be creative with the menu and prepare students by allowing them to delve into the fast-paced world of restaurants while building skills and making decisions on their own. The eight-week program leaves them ready for a career in the industry.

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Events and More at Opus

With a rich history of fostering artistic and cultural engagement, Opus is focused on transforming challenges into opportunities for workforce development and job creation. Support your local workforce program by hosting an event at our venue or off-site, Opus can host events for up to 250 people and provide catering. We also have a public facing spaces in the Pikes Peak Region, visit one of our locations for your favorite dishes


Reserve your space at our new venue in downtown Colorado Springs. Perfect for live music, meetings, theatre arts, workshops, private gatherings, movement, and more!

Upcoming Events

Join us at 1 S.Nevada for community events, group celebrations, plays, parties, and more. Visit our event calendar to view unique entertainment in Colorado Springs