Something big is about to happen in Colorado Springs...

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You are invited to help us preserve a cherished landmark for the next 100 years

Take a moment and walk down memory lane with the honorable Mayor John Suthers as he reflects on the history and the future of the Colorado Springs City Auditorium.

Community Cultural Collective — 
 Colorado Springs City Auditorium

Our mission is to create a true city center affording access to all citizens for the purposes of relevant, inspired, and thoughtful works of the human spirit.

Commitment to Community

The multi-use auditorium will facilitate education, access, creation, and presentation of all that builds the human spirit – arts, culture performance, and dialogue. The cherished and valued building itself will be restored to its original intent of bringing all citizens together for a variety of purposes.

Who We Are

A collective of education, arts, culture and business community “for the use of the people and the glory of the city”

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Together as one brilliant community, we can transform one of the first ‘all purpose’ utilitarian facilities in Colorado into the first-of-its-kind future creative catalyst of Colorado Springs. All the while, respecting the rich history of this beloved landmark.

Our Team


Linda Weise              
President & CEO
Paul Deckard
Consult Operations & Finance
Mary Russell Baucom
Programming & Operations
Lauren Martinez                
Executive Administration

Linda Weise
Paul Deckard
Mary Russell Baucom
Lauren Martinez

Board of Directors

David Lord                        Chair
Wynne Palermo             Secretary
Deborah Hendrix         Member-at-Large
Ed Nichols                         Member-at-Large
Dan Nordberg                Member-at-Large
Linda Purl                          Member-at-Large
Doug Stimple                  Member-at-Large

David Lord
Wynne Palermo
Deborah Hendrix
Ed Nichols
Dan Nordberg
Linda Purl
Doug Stimple

President & CEO
Consult Operations & Finance
Programming & Operations 
Executive Administration


Executive Advisory Council 

Buck Blessing
Marvin Boyd
Chris Jenkins
Jon Medved
John Street 

Project Teams

SB Clark Companies, Public Finance Consultant
Monica Peterson 
(New Market Tax Credit Program) 

Bachman PR, Public Engagement
Lisa Bachman

Historic Tax Preservation Credits Team 

Legal Counsel
David McDermott 

Marc Boyce 

Pikes Peak Community Foundation, Fiscal Sponsor
David Dahlin 

Images Courtesy of
Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum
& Semple Brown Design

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