Our Mission

Our mission is to create a true city center of education, arts, culture and business, affording access to all citizens for the purpose of relevant, inspired and thoughtful works of the human spirit.

Our Vision

To ignite creativity in people of all ages, affording all who step courageously forward to realize their creative essence and unique gift to the world.

Our Goal

To be Colorado’s foremost creative sector incubator lab by providing real-time, earn, and learn educational experiences while serving the greater human community through personal acts of passion and productivity.


Opus Creative Industries, the workforce programs for the Colorado Springs Community Cultural Collective, is where potential meets opportunity.

Why Opus?
The name “Opus” resonates with our mission, derived from the Latin for ‘work’ and reflected in the modern meaning of a significant artistic endeavor. This dual definition captures the essence of our goal: to deliver real-time, earn-and-learn educational experiences that serve the community through connecting purpose and productivity.

Our diverse programs cater to various creative industries, including culinary arts, media, theater technical design, and early childhood education enriched with music and dance. From the budding chefs and restaurant owners in our culinary and hospitality program to the exploration of art and music in our Simple Gift Schoolhouse playgroups, Opus nurtures the seeds of creativity across Colorado Springs.


The Colorado Springs Community Cultural Collective (CSCCC) is now solely focused on its workforce development programs and has rebranded them as Opus Creative Industries.

The CSCCC started as a nonprofit in 2020 to raise money, create plans, and overseeing renovations for the 100-year-old City Auditorium. Part of those plans were to develop workforce programs that would be housed in the building.

After hitting several obstacles — including donor reluctance to support a city-owned facility that the city wasn’t supporting financially — the Community Cultural Collective pivoted to focus solely on its workforce development programs. It gave notice to the city that it would withdraw from its memorandum of understanding to operate and maintain City Auditorium in August 2023. The decision became final November 1.

The goal remains much the same in its new iteration: to connect the community to creative industries, assist people in finding their passion and developing paths to prosperity.