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Creative Technology

Lights, Camera, Action. But a lot more goes on behind the scenes of every production. Opus will host 3 Creative Technology Workforce cohorts in 2024 including Film Production & Media Design, Sound and Lighting Design & Live Production, and Theatre Technologies & Stage Management. Each program is a full-time, 40 hours a week, 12 week-long, earn-and-learn experience, for a total of 480 hours. In each cohort, members will spend several weeks at Opus developing and learning specific skills needed for their selected Creative Technologies fields. Following this learning period, cohort members will then participate in a pre-apprenticeship with one of our industry partners, learning on the job and getting real-life work experience while under the guidance of a mentor at their worksite.

Cohort One
Film Production & Media Design

March 18-June 7

Cohort Two
Sound and Lighting Design & Live Production

Cohort Three
Theatre Technologies & Stage Management


The above programs are open to those who are 18+, early professionals, adults returning to the field or switching careers in need of industry experience and mentorship. We are looking for individuals with passion, drive and some background in film editing and video production. 

March 18-June 7

Film Production & Media

      • Storyboarding
      • Script writing
      • Filming on camera
      • Video editing
      • Sound editing
      • Color correction
      • Animation
      • Graphic design


Sound and Lighting Design & Live Production

      • SAV load in and out
      • Sound board operation
      • Live sound mixing
      • Live recording
      • Light hanging and focusing
      • Light color theory


Theatre Technologies and Stage Management

      • Costume Design and construction
      • Sewing (hand and/or machine)
      • Draping
      • Cutting
      • Stage management and blocking
      • Scheduling
      • Cast, crew, and vendor management
      • Administration and/or HR experience
      • Time management
      • Script analysis


Participants are expected to be available 40 hours a week during the 12-week intensive, 480-hour course. Participants are paid $17/hour. 

Opus Creative Industries will work tirelessly to help graduates of the program in job placement through our network of industry professionals. Program completers will also become alumni of Arts2Work and will gain access to additional courses and certifications through Arts2Work. Program participants will also receive the industry-recognized Adobe Certified Professional credential.

Students are expected to have a basic understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, and an understanding of camera equipment, lighting setups and audio recording technology.